Let us collect your judgment

Congratulations! You won your judgment. Has your debtor refused to pay? Has the debtor hidden assets? Disappeared? Let us start collecting your judgment today.

Depending upon your situation, we may be able to:

  • Seize the debtor's personal property (i.e., car, motor home, jewelry, furniture, collectibles etc.)
  • Seize the debtor's vacation home or vacant lots
  • Seize the debtor’s residence (if it’s greater than ½ acre within the municipality or debtor rents it)
  • Seize the debtor's wages and pay checks
  • Seize the debtor's bank accounts or other financial accounts
  • Seize stock that the debtor may own
  • Inspect the debtor’s residence for assets
  • Serve interrogatories upon the debtor (i.e.,written questions to locate assets)
  • Serve request for production upon the debtor to locate assets
  • Seat the debtor for a deposition where the debtor must answer questions under oath
  • Serve subpoenas upon third parties to locate the debtor's assets
  • Revoke the debtor’s driver license (if the judgment is for child support or lack of auto insurance)
  • Request an appointment of a receiver if the judgment is against a business. We have access to sophisticated digital databases that helps us to quickly locate debtors, their employment, and their assets.

We are fast and aggressive with judgment collections.

If we cannot collect your judgment, then you do not owe us any fee.

Send us a copy of your judgment at (f) 561-828-9224 or by email at Jeffrey.Begens@gmail.com for a free, no-obligation evaluation.

Free No Obligation Evaluation

Email us a copy of your uncollected judgment for a free, no-obligation evaluation to jeffrey.begens@gmail.com or fill out the form below.

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